Advance Training Programs

All of our training programs are well structured and planned to provide our students with the best training
possible.  We train on similar equipment that all of the fortune 500 transportation companies use so that
you are best prepared to succeed and stand out from your competition!

Upon completion of your training you will receive an industry approved certificate of completion for the
program you have chosen and lifetime career placement assistance.  All programs are designed for
students to complete within the maximum alloted hours.  If a student excels in the enrolled program we will
allow for an early graduation.

SuperSession Truck and Bus Training  (196 hrs.)
Our best-value program.  It combines our Advanced Class A training and our Class B passenger
endorsement training. With this training you will obtain both your Class A license on a 10-speed truck and
an unrestricted bus license on a 40-passenger, 28,000 lb. vehicle. This program will greatly expand your
employment options to limousines, charter or city buses as well as any Class A driving position.

Advanced Class A Truck Driver Training (160 hrs. )
This is a very intense program with a primary emphasis on safe operations and accident prevention.  Upon
completion of the training program your safety awareness will be expanded and your skills will exceed the
requirements of many employers. You will be road ready and confident in your driving ability to drive.
We use industry standard 10-speed trucks to prepare you for a long lasting career.

Advanced Class B Truck or Bus Driver Training (128 hrs. )
prevention. A Class B license (straight truck) will help you obtain driving employment such as garbage
Choose your path with this license.  We provide a huge emphasis on safe operation and accident
prevention. A Class B license (straight truck) will help you obtain driving employment such as garbage
trucks, cement trucks, straight bobtail delivery or a passenger bus.  Like all of our programs we will provide
you with real life bus/truck driving experience utilizing industry standard equipment.

Refresher Course  Class A & B Truck or Bus Driver Training (60 hrs. )
Our refresher program is recognized and approved throughout the transportation industry.  It is designed
for individuals with prior commercial driving experience (truck or bus) or who qualify for the program.  It is a

Hourly Rates- Starting at 120.00/hr ( minimum charge of 4 hrs.)
We can provide assistance in the following areas :
  1.   Written exam assistance ( DMV permits or license renewal)
  2.   Pre-trip inspection and/or air brake test assistance
  3.   Learn double clutching on a 10-speed truck
  4.   Help with backing techniques and tools

Tuition Assistance
If you are  a military veteran, unemployed, under-employed (your income has been significantly reduced),
recipient of government assistance (food stamps, general assistance, CalWorks, SSI) or have a disability (
physical or learning) you may qualify for a full tuition grant!  We also accept
insurance retraining
as well.  

Here is a list of a few of the agencies that we work with and may provide training grants to cover the cost of
your training tuition:

Other acceptable terms of payment are cash, certified check or credit card.  We do not provide financi
or accept partial payments.  Call for more details 209 939 9494